Becoming a Registered Education Agent

5 Easy Steps

1. Download and complete Australian Tertiary Institute’s Education Agent Application Form Here

2. Email the completed Education Agent Application Form together with your company’s profile and business registration certificate to

3. A reference check will be made on your application and the outcome of the reference check will be sent to you through your nominated email address. If your reference check’s outcome is positive, Australian Tertiary Institute’s marketing information will be sent to you.

4. A meeting will be arranged with you to discuss about details of agreement and regulatory requirements. This may involve a campus tour if convenient. If you accept Australian Tertiary Institute’s terms and conditions during the meeting, an Education Agent Agreement Letter will be sent to your nominated account to be signed and returned to

*Meeting may be arranged through conference call, Skype, Whatsapp and other digital means if your agency is located outside of Australia

5. Upon receipt of your signed copy of Education Agent Agreement Letter, you will be appointed as one of Australian Tertiary Institute’s registered Education agents. An Agent information kit containing your Agent Certification of Appointment and marketing materials will be posted to your nominated address.

6. Australian Tertiary Institute’s Agent list can be accessed Here


Useful Links for Education Agents

Provides Education Agents with information about Australian education system and Australia as a study destination, education quality assurance issues and the Australian visa regulation system.

Offers a free-of-charge online tutorial recommended for all Education Agent staff members to become knowledgeable in Australian intern

Provides information on visa options, living in Australia and citizenship. 

Provides information for students and Education Agents on study pathways, costs, living in Australia, scholarships, visa and other services.



• Education Agent Application Form

• Education Agents Policy and Procedure